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Reel Vision Entertainment is a well renowned management agency, professionally representing and securing endorsement deals for celebrity actors, actresses, musicians, public figures and top social media creators.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Grow your personal brand, fan base and social media presence with our expert team. Monetize via our unique endorsement opportunities using your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter


TALENT MANAGEMENT: It is Reel Vision Entertainment's commitment to take your career as far as we can, by connecting our clients with photographers, agents, casting and more. Reel Vision Entertainment builds resumes and manages entertainment careers, working alongside our talent to grow their name within the entertainment industry and assisting our clients in becoming a household name on a global scale.


Talent Roster

Larger Client Roster Available Upon Request…..



Male Celebrities


Nana Gbewonyo

 (Gran Torino, Sons of Anarchy, Coach Carter)

Daniel Baldwin

 ( NYPD Blue / Touched By and Angel / The Outer Limits

Wesley Jonathan

 (What I Like About You / NYPD Blue / Crossover)

Matthias Hues

 ("Conan"/The Protector/ Star Trek VI)

Eddie Steeples

 (My Name is Earl / Akeelah and the Bee )

Dan Haggerty

 (Grizzly Adams / Timberwolf )

Cylk Cozart

 (Eagle Eye/ Conspiracy Theory / 16 Blocks)

Percy Daggs

 ( Veronica Mars / NYPD Blue)

David Shark

 (Babylon 5 / Days of our Lives / Sons of Anarchy)

Carl Williams

 (Owner of Long Beach Breakers Basketball Team)

Jay Brantley

 (Actor / Professional Basketball Player )

Christopher Atkins

 (Blue Lagoon / Payback / Dallas)


Female Celebrities


Darcy Donavan

 (Anchorman / My Name is Earl / NBC's Las Vegas)

Denyce Lawton

 (House of Payne / Entourage / Soul Plane)

Tarah Paige

 ( CSI: Las Vegas / Stick It)

Maddy Curley

 (Stick It / CSI / The Perfect Game )

April Sutton

 (Celebrity Reporter for B.E.T / The Block)

Cosandra Calloway

 (Fine Artist)


 Other Celebrities we have worked for/with:


The Crown Princes of Germany, Long Beach Breakers Basketball Team, Ryan Seacrest, Tony Bennet, Keith David, Jenna Jameson, Daniel Baldwin, Dan Marino, Jenny McCarthy, Markus Von Anhalt (Crown Prince of Germany), Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Vivica Fox, Slim of 112, Bryan Adams, New Kids on the Block, Krista Allen, Carmen Electra, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Adam Sandler, Brian McKnight, Tamala Jones, Michael Clark Duncan, Brandon Roth, Kendra Wilkinson, Aubrey O'Day, Lou-Diamond Phillips, Jerry O'Connell, Eddie Murphy, Robert DeNiro, George Clooney, Traci Bingham,  Gina Lee Nolan, Christina Applegate, and many more..

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