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Darcy Donavan Featured on 360 Magazine


Listen to Darcy Donavan on 360 MAGAZINE podcast HERE.

Darcy Donavan, known for her roles in television shows Modern Family and Parks and Recreation, is innovating the world of cryptocurrency. She dove into the crypto world almost seven years ago, and was instantly enamored with it. She began researching and investing in blockchains, like Bitcoin and Tron. Over the years she has been involved with numerous companies and projects in Web3, which have seen enormous growth. In 2021, Darcy was brought onboard the Decentralized Finance company Ecoin Finance as the CMO. In 2022, she was brought on as a Co-Owner of the Cryptocurrency Company and Metaverse, Income Island. Income Island is a new generation of blockchain-supported virtual reality games with mining capability for users to earn money while playing. The game is based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, and it supports the BEP20 standard for tokens. The island features a variety of mineable cryptocurrencies. Whether it comes to business or her personal life, Darcy strives to be an “alpha female”. Crypto, as well as Film & Television, are majorly male-dominated industries. She encourages women to build each other up and become power players in their roles: “An alpha female [is not] afraid to speak her mind. [They are] intelligent, strong, and honest.” One of Darcy’s major keys to success is being relatable. “I want somebody to tell it to me straight [and be] a straight shooter.” She also encourages those interested in cryptocurrency to do their own research. To hear more about Darcy’s tips to success, read her book Darcy’s Daily Dose of Inspiration: A Page by Page Guide to a Better Life. Find Darcy here: Instagram Twitter LinkedIn YouTube Facebook

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