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Metal Life Interviews Hollywood Hottie Darcy Donavan, Star of the Interactive Movie/Game The Plumber

Actress and singer Darcy Donavan gets to splash about in the new interactive movie/game The Plumber. Metal Life spoke to the horror and comedy fave about getting her mermaid on, attending horror conventions, participating in one of the wildest new Apps around, and her love of horror movies. Metal Life recently reported about the Apple controversy HERE

You were on the show, so have to ask, how did you like the Parks & Recreation finale? 

The Finale of Season 6 of Parks & Recreation was really crazy. I won’t go into detail in case you hadn’t seen it yet but I know a lot of people were shocked as well as curious to see how they were going to start Season 7 after that. I do have to say that I loved working on Season 7 of Parks & Recreation that I worked on with Chris Pratt. He is such a sweetheart. The cast and crew were also absolutely amazing. Working on that project was so much fun.

TV, film, and now an App. How did you get involved with the MovieMaze guys?

Well, like most projects, Moziemaze had a casting for the female lead in the first MovieMaze project the “Mechanic” and they chose me and the rest is history so to speak.  They brought me back for the second project which I was happy to be a part of, because it was so much fun. We all are like a little family and we all have so much fun working together. The filmmakers, Erik Lundmark, Maria Collis and Rishi Thaker are some of the most amazing people to work with.

And you’re helping sell the film by attending conventions with the creators. Is that fun, getting to meet the public?

I absolutely love conventions. It is so nice to be able to meet new people and share the game with them.  I also enjoy meeting all my longtime fans and I really love getting to see all of them face to face. It is overall a wonderful experience that I am happy to be a part of. It’s always a blessing to me when I can say thanks to the people who helped me make it to where I am today! My fans and superfans who I call my “Dona-Fans are the absolute BEST!

Are they testing the game at these conventions?

The game is pretty much complete by the time it gets to the conventions. It’s great because the convention goers get the exclusive first look at the game before it is even released in the App. It is always fun to see everyone’s surprised reactions to the hilariously crazy antics going on in the game. 🙂 🙂

Have you played it yourself?  

Yes. I have already downloaded both the first MozieMaze App called  “The Mechanic” as well as the newest release “The Plumber” on my Android phone. Besides being a loads of fun to work on, it was also a ton of fun to play and go through all the different choices for where the movie can go.

What’s the goal of the game “The Plumber”? 

It is a lot like those old “Choose your own Adventure” books that you got when you were a kid. It’s like a movie but you control what the character decides to do and based on the choices that you make, you direct what happens in the game. There are several endings so you will just have to play the game to find out happens. The goal is to get to one of the three endings in the game. 😉

You’ve done a lot of horror/science-fiction, but would you consider yourself a Scream Queen? There’s enough comedic credits to your name that you might even be considered a comedy queen?

I would not really consider myself a Scream Queen even though I love horror movies. I did enjoy working on horror and sci-fi movies that I have been in but by nature I am a rather silly and goofy person so for that reason I think I would be considered more of a comedy queen.;) LOL I have enjoyed making people laugh since I was a little girl. I love to have a good time and joke around so I think it just comes out naturally in my acting. LOL! My mom would always call me her little ham. 😉

To see Darcy Donavan’s work, check out here IMDB profile.

For more information on Darcy Donavan, visit her site HERE.

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