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SHINE ON HOLLYWOOD MAGAZINE 10TH ANNIVERSARY COVER DARCY DONAVAN PRODUCER, FILM TV STAR, SOHM's WOMEN OF THE YEAR 2022. “We mark our 10th anniversary Special Edition. We are proud to feature as our cover story Darcy Donavan,Producer, Actress, SOHM's Women of the Year 2022.”— Arnold Garcia, Publisher, Shine on Hollywood Magazine

HOLLYWOOD , CA, USA, October 10, 2022 / -- SHINE SHINE ON HOLLYWOOD MAGAZINE (SOHM) CELEBRATES ITS FABULOUS 10th YEAR, CELEBRATING A DECADE OF REAL PEOPLE AND THEIR REAL STORIES. OUR 10TH ANNIVERSARY COVER STORY FEATURES DARCY DONAVAN, A MULTI-TALENTED PRODUCER, FILM & TV ACTRESS, RECORDING ARTIST, PUBLIC SPEAKER, AUTHOR & INFLUENCER TO 7+ MILLION WHO MADE HER SOHM's WOMEN OF THE YEAR 2022. THIS ISSUE ALSO INCLUDES THE FIRST YEARBOOK OF THE ACADEMY OF MOTION PICTURE ARTS AND SCIENCES FEATURING, THE 94th OSCARS 2022! IN ADDITION, IT REVISITS OVER 450 INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS WHOSE STORIES WE'VE SHARED SINCE 2012, PLUS FOUNDER/PUBLISHER ARNOLD GARCIA REVEALS IN HIS OWN WORDS, "MY JOURNEY.” Hollywood Ca- Popular digital magazine Shine on Hollywood Magazine (SOHM), with a circulation of nearly 26.6 million hits in 140+ countries worldwide since 2012, has released its special July-September 10th-anniversary edition and continues to soar and grow! SOHM’s mission statement continues to be, “Dedicated to providing a positive, meaningful and educational experience and to inspire our readers with knowledge and information from creative qualified industry professionals.” Publisher Arnold Garcia stated “We mark our 10th anniversary Special Edition. We are proud to feature as our cover story -- an exclusive interview with Darcy Donavan, a multi-talented Producer, Actress, Recording Artist, Public Speaker, Author, and influencer to 7+ million who made her SOHM's Women of the Year 2022. Plus, we present our 1st Yearbook of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, highlighting coverage from The 94th Oscars red carpet, and telecast, as well as the full list of the Nominees and Winners of the 2022 Annual Oscars Awards.” Garcia also said “We mark our 10th anniversary Special Edition as one of the industry's fastest-growing publications focusing on arts and entertainment in Hollywood and worldwide. During these past ten years, SOHM has had some truly extraordinary experiences and has connected with people from around the world while focusing on the positive stories that help lift the spirit. “ The focus of our interviews revolves around Real People and Real Stories in which the magazine explores the history of how one became successful in a profession where it is difficult to achieve success. Our profiles include actors, singers, dancers, directors, and other artists as well as, behind the scenes talent such as agents, managers, publicists, choreographers, costume designers, make-up artists, philanthropists, and others who play an equally important role in establishing the finished product which entertains, inspires and enlightens us. In addition, A&G Entertainment Group and Shine On Global’s Founder and Publisher of SOHM, Arnold Garcia, share his heartfelt story. "My Journey," will definitely inspire you. He also mentions SOHM’s social media outlets like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, a website, and other digital platforms. That shows how available and engaging SOHM is, as evidenced by the mind-blowing "likes" and hits" results! As we all know, arts and entertainment are all about numbers. Shine on Hollywood Magazine was founded in July 2012 and is considered one of the top entertainment, popular culture, and lifestyle magazines in Hollywood. It has featured over 450+ industry professionals in the past ten years and has done the best to showcase celebrities you will easily recognize, along with lesser known, yet equally successful entertainment personalities who give back to their communities—one of the important requirements needed to be featured in our publication. SOHM allows worldwide cultures to blend into a positive readership that promotes communication and relationships, by sharing real stories from the real people of Hollywood and around the world. Exclusive interviews with celebrities and non-celebrities have contributed some exceptional tips for our readers to learn from. There are a lot of young professionals who can take notes for their own success! That's what Shine on Hollywood Magazine is all about: to express Hollywood's “Real People, Real Stories” to the general public and popular culture worldwide. We are excited to celebrate this milestone anniversary with you in several different ways. Garcia said “I am excited about beginning our eleventh year and all that is in store for our readers! We will continue to bring real people and real stories from Hollywood with positive outlooks from around the world. To maintain this positive publication, please support this great cause. Your support is much appreciated," said Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Arnold Garcia. About SHINE ONE Arnold was born on November 26, 1961, in Quezon City, Philippines. As a child, he faced many challenges seemingly unimaginable to overcome. At a very early age, Arnold was tested by life; his life was filled with suffering as are so many others with similar origins. He spent several years being homeless, during an active civil war in the 1960s, sleeping in public parks, abandoned buses, or on a bench inside a cemetery mausoleum for his hideaway from the dangerous environment of constant bombing and gunfire. He earned meager money by collecting glass bottles, newspapers, and scrap metal and selling them to recyclers. Even with his hard labor, he still didn't have much to eat, sometimes a few hard-boiled eggs and rationing a small package of biscuits as food for several days. His challenges were a hard choice between life at home with an abusive family vs. street life during an active civil war. Which choice was worse? Career He took his dreams to the United States and made them a reality. In the 1990s, firmly holding on to his faith and dreams of a brighter future, he moved to Northern California and worked with a major computer company as VP of Sales and Marketing. He then went on to form his own computer company and because of his strong work ethic, he became a millionaire in less than 6 months! Arnold never chose to be the victim and always strived to be the warrior as he soared above his early start. Arnold believes his enormous success was driven by his past life experiences, which taught him to persevere past any obstacles. His ability to continue chasing his passion, life purpose, and entrepreneurial endeavors has branded Arnold Garcia a Great American Success Story!

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